A Netflix Hidden Jewel: Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart

Jack’s heart is replaced with a cuckoo clock at birth. Through his adventures he learns more about his emotions and how to control them.

This movie is originally in French. I don’t know if it has lost a lot of meaning through translation, but the quick and quirky banter throughout this movie is one of the major reasons why I strongly suggest you watch it if you are in need of a fairly fun and beautiful movie. If you are not into that sort of thing… Now is the time to switch articles.

The movie soundtrack is THE BEST. The movie is actually based upon an album by the French rock band Dionysus. (According to this Wikipedia article anyway…) This song gives you a taste of what they sound like:

The lyrics in this song specifically were unexpectedly adult in this scene: ripping clothes off with teeth? Not exactly something I would expect coming out of two kids’ mouths. He sings it quite calmly, but the song captures his young brain (not to mention his messed up heart) on love rather well I think. The little comments near the end that make no sense I found to be a very accurate picture of how I act around someone around whom my heart tends to beat way too fast.

The way the characters were jarred into a different world during each song was also a pleasant surprise for me. The music takes them into a different dimension in which regular physics don’t really apply. I understand that this probably happens in every animated movie: why be held back by gravity when you don’t have to be? Regardless, it’s awesome.

One of the greatest characters in the movie is the antagonist, Joe. Yes: he is tall, dark and handsome. His voice is THE BEST, and his theme song is my favorite. If you are looking for a good antagonist, look no further than Joe from Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart.



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