It Was Delicious, I Want Another. Or, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As some of you might already know, the IV (that’s roman numeral for FOUR, get it?) TV girls went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron opening night. Midnight release. With all the crazies.

In case you who missed it, it looked something like this:

We were the crazies.

and some awkward (fantastic) dancing in celebration of you, our fans.

If you’re one of the 3 people who didn’t see it opening weekend (it found it’s way nicely to the number 2 slot of biggest box office openings with a cool $187.7 million dollars), you should go see it. And whether you’ve seen it or not, you should read on to see what we thought about it:

Savannah: I don’t have to tell you to go see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you’re going to like it, you’ve probably already seen it. And if you haven’t already seen it, then you probably haven’t seen The Avengers. And if you haven’t seen The Avengers, then you maybe haven’t seen any of the Iron Man, Thor or Captain America movies (no love for The Hulk). And if you haven’t seen any of these Marvel movies, seeing The Avengers: Age of Ultron might be super confusing for you.

I highly recommend taking a cold, hard look at your life and what you’re doing with it if you haven’t seen any of the movies in this franchise. Do you want to be happy?

My favorite thing about The Avengers: Age of Ultron is that it felt just as much like a comedy as it did an action flick. There was a laugh around every corner and at the end of every punch (line, get it?). But it wasn’t campy and it wasn’t cheap. These jokes, crafted by genius Joss Whedon and carried out by an amazingly talented ensemble, were smart, quick, witty and unique to each character.

I love the relationships among all the characters and the character development felt really strong. (No spoilers, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Jarvis and this movie really messed with my emotions, Jarvis-wise.) Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are adorable mad scientists together while Captain and Thor are busy drinking Stan Lee under the table.

Basically, I’m ready for a Hulk movie. Mark Ruffalo can carry a film, guys. You know who else can? Scarlett Johansson. Give them their own damn movies. Or as Thor would say, ANOTHA.

Gwen: Agreed. Hulk is the best Avenger, he definitely deserves another go.

Angel: Word. I was pleasantly surprised by the tasteful humor, which makes so much sense considering Joss Whedon’s IMBD profile. 

Gwen: My theory is that Disney bought out Marvel specifically so that they could use the Pinocchio song, “I’ve Got No Strings” for the scary robot’s creepy theme music in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ultron/Pinocchio Remix coutesy of Etsy
Ultron/Pinocchio Remix courtesy of Etsy

Yes, Ultron and his theme song was THE BEST part of the whole film.His face was beautiful, his wit beyond compare, and his voice? Let’s just say that James Spader did a marvelous job.

<3 Ultron
Gwen + Ultron = 4eva

Savannah: Quick, someone photoshop Ultron’s face into a glitter heart for Gwen.

Gwen: Yes! I would definitely tape that to my binder.

Angel: Idk Gwen. Ultron’s face <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Your face in that Hulk mask.

Gwen: He looks good, I look better… it’s obviously a match made in heaven.

Kaili: I always appreciate attractive men in movies, and I’m still interested in all of them even after a second movie. Oh yes, so much attractiveness.

Avenge me
Sorry, Jeremy Renner… you’re just not my cup of tea, love.

Onto the actual plot of the movie…

I appreciated that they gave some more information on Black Widow and Hawkeye, even if it didn’t align with the comics. Anyone who ever expects movies to do justice to written works is out of their mind though. Can we all just accept that movies and books/comics are good in their own unique ways? No? That’s fine. Do you.


I was wondering why Disney had to go and come out with Guardians of the Galaxy right after they acquired Marvel (the Guardians of the Galaxy are an original Marvel team, but none of those characters exist on it). I accepted it though since it was still a Stan Lee creation and he’s a comic book genius.

Anyway, everyone knows that when you stay until the end of a Marvel movie, you get another video clip, which usually hints at the next movie. Well, the clip at the end of Age of Ultron suggested that the Guardians of the Galaxy will likely be in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.

I’m very excited about that, because I love Groot and also… this beautiful piece o’ man.


Essentially, the movie left me wanting more… so see it. If you liked the first one, you’ll like the second, and be ready for the third come 2018.

Gwen: The real question is: will baby Groot make an appearance in the next film?


Savannah: That is the real question. End spoilers!

Angel: This post would have too many red glitter hearts for our readers to handle.

Gwen: Glittery hearts are ALWAYS the answer.

Kaili: I don’t think they’re a bad answer though. If any of these actors favorited and/or shared a glitter heart tweet, I could die happy.

Angel: I’m really bad at watching super-hero action movies. Like, really bad. Too many explosions make me feel epileptic and I giggle at grown ups in latex suits shooting lasers and beating each other up. But let me tell you that Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo have the superpowers to change my aversion in a heartbeat. Age of Ultron has made me disloyal to my beloved indie genre, but there are just so many amazing biceps in this movie, can you blame me?

Savannah: I love this and I got them all right. NBD, but I could pick out RDJ’s biceps from any lineup.

Angel: What I’m about to say might lose me some friends but…

I haven’t seen the first Avengers.

I’ll admit that I can’t get intellectual about the plot lines or deviations from the comics, but what I can tell you is this: If you must see Age of Ultron because you are a little fish in a big Marvel pond, do not panic. Wear a Captain America mask, enjoy the witty banter between extremely charismatic cast members, and at the end of the movie when everyone is deconstructing why it was such an awesome adaptation, just smile and nod and talk about how Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark are actually the same person.


Angel: I didn’t want to get kicked out of IV TV Girls…… Can I still sit with you guys?

Gwen: Yes, Angel. IV TV Girls wouldn’t be the same without you…

Could've fooled us, Angel
Could’ve fooled us, Angel

And, to tell the truth, I have to say I doze off during those fight scenes myself. These movies take some energy to watch! (Not to mention awesome friends to bring along.)

Kaili: No shame guys. I hadn’t seen many Marvel movies before the first Avengers… (I was more of a DC gal) but now I’m a die hard fan. Those biceps, punch lines, mutants, and robots will keep you coming back for more every time.

Savannah: Oh my god, you guys. It’s so much more than just biceps.


The Consequences of Not “Letting It Go”

tumblr_mxtw7gu1OV1r53i9eo1_1387077964_coverSo by this point in life everyone in the U.S. has probably heard of “Frozen” enough times to want to rip their ears off. Even Idina Menzel has been known to say that every parent of a young child probably hates her. As if that wasn’t enough, Disney is already getting us pumped up for “Frozen 2” even though we haven’t been given an approximate date for its release. Not that I have anything against “Frozen.” I will gladly admit that I saw it in theaters and sang the songs for weeks and months afterwards until I was able to purchase the movie. However, that movie came out in 2013… 2013, and we’re STILL stuck on it! I’ve yet to live a day since its release where “Frozen” isn’t in my life in some way. To be fair, I work in retail… where there’s everything from Frozen toilet wipes to three foot tall Ana and Elsa dolls, but still. That movie exploded, and the point I’m trying to make with all of this is that this explosion may have cast some smoke over a movie that could have exploded much larger than it did if “Frozen” fans had just decided to… giphy What is it that I’m so bent out of shape over? “Big Hero Six,” which was released almost a year after “Frozen.” I truly believe this movie was intended to blow up pretty big, maybe not as big as “Frozen” (as princess movies are known historically to bring in the most profit for Disney), but still relatively large. “Big Hero 6” just did not get the attention it needed to successfully launch as a huge hit. I’ll skip going into the statistics of how much “Big Hero 6” made compared with “Frozen,” but let’s just say, with a superhero line-up, “Big Hero 6” had the potential to make some serious money off of relative merchandise and it just didn’t seem to hit the mark. Of course, “Frozen” limiting the capabilities of “Big Hero 6” is just a theory I have. Maybe the movie just didn’t do too well all on its own. Either way, the movie is spectacular. If you like Disney, or comics, or superheroes, or downright lovable characters, you should most definitely check it out. This movie obviously came about after Disney acquired Marvel. “BiSunfire_&_Big_Hero_6_No.1g Hero 6″ was actually a marvel comic before it hit the big screen. Had that been played up more, the movie may have attracted a larger audience, but I’ll refrain from commenting too much on that. As with most Marvel movies, there were significant differences between the movie and the comics, so if you’re one of those people who’s easily offended by screenwriters veering off course, maybe you shouldn’t actually check this out… For those of you who didn’t leave with this last revelation, let me walk you through this movie… First off, I have to mention that brother’s Hiro and Tadashi Hamada, two of the main characters, live with their aunt. Another Dis66da6c05798412da322b26216738ecdfney movie where a parent or two are dead… classic. Fortunately we don’t have to hear the horrific backstory as to why they aren’t around. (SPOILER: Well, kind of… some of the trailers hinted at this.) Not so fortunately, we get good and attached to Tadashi, and BOOM! They kill him off. Thanks Disney… I waited the whole movie for him to come back, but no. He was really dead.

The jest of the movie is that Hiro, a young inventor, and his friends need to track down an evil man, who inexplicably stole an invention from Hiro and goes around destroying things and wreaking havoc with it. The movie has humor, tear jerk moments, killer music, and plot twists like you wouldn’t believe. Not to mention, an extremely lovable robot, Baymax. 200You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be on the edge of your seat… you’ll wonder why you hadn’t watched it sooner. It’s fun for the whole family, and the best part? It’s a nice break from the world of musicals where your kids sing the same songs over and over again for three years straight.

Into the Woods

Into the Woods is aInto-the-Woods-characters combination of multiple Brothers Grimm fairy tales including “Little Red Ridding Hood,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Cinderella,” and “Rapunzel.” The stories all overlap in the midst of a dark and mysterious woods where a humble baker and his wife search for items that will help break a curse put on their family by a witch. The film is an adaptation of a broadway musical by the same title.


First of all, I have to take a moment to discuss the casting of this movie, because it was beautiful. Many famous actors and actresses were considered for the various roles, but I personally think it could not have gone better with any other actors. The always incredible Meryl Streep had me so lost in the witch character that I had to convince myself  it was her underneath all of that make-up. Emily Blunt spent the entire film pregnant while portraying a woman who couldn’t have children, Lilla Crawford as “Little Red Riding Hood” and Daniel Huttlestone blew me away with their voices and acting, and Chris Pine as a singing Prince? Stop my beating heart, I didn’t think he could get any mointo_the_woods_johnny_depp_h_2014re beautiful. Not to mention the ever intriguing Johnny Depp as the big bad wolf. How that man can take on so many freaky and weird characters and still be so lovable is completely beyond me. I personally wasn’t so sure I could take Anna Kendrick seriously as Cinderella, but she did justice to the role. James Corden played the cutest baker, Tracey Ullman was a lovely bedraggled mother for Jack, Mackenzie Mauzy was not on my radar prior to this film, but I loved her as Rapunzel, and of course, her prince Billy Magnussen another unfamiliar but pleasing face. The last cast member I’d like to tip my hat to would be Lucy Punch, because that girl is so good at being an evil stepsister, she had to do it twice.


Since the script is based on the original Brothers Grimm tales… the whole thing was a little less than Disney.  Johnny Depp’s wolf song is extremely pedophiliac but the director thought that if they glazed over the creepy connotations children would miss the creepiness completely. Sounds to me like Disney is setting up to be accused some more of teaching inappropriate things to children. 

Although I did appreciate (SPOILER ALERT) that when Prince Charming was cheating on Cinderella he said, “I was taught to be charming, not sincere.” Proving again that marrying someone you just met might not be the greatest choice a person could make. After all the “Happily Ever After’s” were realized, things fell apart, which is sad… but much more realistic. Things ended up just how they were meant to, horrifically. That’s what Brothers Grimm stories are, and I personally am glad Disney finally stuck to that even though the whole thing was basically word for word exactly the same as the original play.

Overall it was a pretty great movie, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re someone who is into musical plays. I could see it all happening onstage even though it wasn’t which could be a pro or a con depending on your taste. The biggest complaint I’ve heard of this movie was from people who did not know of the play previously. They were disappointed in the film, simply for the aforementioned “unDisneyness” of it, but now you know and won’t have those kinds of expectations going in… Into the woods. 😉


Teen Beach Movie

For those of you who aren’t tuned into Disney Channel anymore, I’m here to fill you in on the only Disney Channel original movie from 2013, “Teen Beach Movie.” Why? Well, because it’s on Netflix, but also because “Teen Beach Movie 2” will be coming out this summer (2015) and you might want to be all caught up.


The short version? “Teen Beach Movie” is basically “West Side Story” meets “Beach Blanket Bingo,” “Grease,” and “Back to the Future,” but I’ll get into that more later…” The movie follows two lovestruck teens, Brady and Mack as they’re reaching the end of their summer together, and looking toward a future that seems a little bleak. Who would want to leave the beach, the surf, and their teenage love life for education? No one.

Desperate to capture the last bit of summer, and ride the best waves the beach has ever seen, our starlet Mack (McKenzie) goes out on some sketchy water and ends up eating it pretty hard. Brady bravely jumps on a jet ski and races out to save her, but suddenly the two find themselves surfacing on a calm, quiet beach. The pair discover that they have somehow ended up in the classic 1960’s film, “Wet Side Story,” and things just get kooky and musical from there.

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