A Prescription of Short Poppies


If you need a pick me up, it should be the 20 minute series Short Poppies. Seriously. I was in some sort of mood and feeling all sorts of ways, so I streamed an episode (or four) on Netflix, and had my woes banished by Rhys tumblr_n59kbht5U91rb5wuyo1_540Darby’s sexy suncreeny lifeguard legs, Rhys Darby in normcore drag, Rhys Darby as a very professional UFOlogist.

The series is a mockumentary that follows filmmaker and journalist David Farrier as he interviews extraordinary residents of a beachy town in New Zealand. Each episode focuses on an oddball character, all of which are played by the talented Rhys Darby. If you’ve ever watched Flight of the Concords, you’ll maybe recognize Darby as the band manager, Murray Hewitt.

In the first episode, Darby plays Terry Pole, an optimistic lifeguard, whose catchphrase  is “only the pos!” (as in positive). You just really cannot be anything but smiley when there is a sexy legs competition happening before your very eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.27.11 PMOne episode will have you reevaluating your relationship goals. Like… is your significant other someone you can be your oddest possible self with? Do you support each others’ passions? Would you overcome your greatest phobias for your special friend? Could you see yourself blissfuly starting a support group together for survivors of alien abductions that meets at the local library weekly? Because really, a successful relationship is overcoming your agoraphobia to tell your UFOlogist boyfriend that you love him before he sacrifices himself for an alien abduction.


But the real reason I enjoy Short Poppies is David Farrier, the journalist who plays himself. He’s the quietest character, but his facial expressions speak volumes. AND HE IS SUCH A GEEKY DREAMBOAT.

And also Karl Urban as the sassiest, gayest hairdresser there ever was.

 tumblr_n3guex3mZv1rpdibxo1_250 tumblr_n3guex3mZv1rpdibxo2_250

Watch this is if you like: Summer Heights High, Flight of the Concords, the Office, Parks and Rec

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How Netflix is Getting me through College

in the rain2
As a college student about to graduate, I am constantly searching for inspiration. Motivation to continue working on long projects and believing that someday I might actually graduate is hard sometimes. Kimmy Schmidt was a breath of fresh motivation for me.

Most of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is centered around using positivity and believing in one’s own ability to move on and be successful to get through really tough situations. Having survived living in a bunker for many years, Kimmy has developed this skill beautifully and teaches the people around her to do the same.

Some advice she gives includes:

1. Smile.


Sometimes I feel pretty bogged down by little things. I tend to stress about various papers and people. Having experienced real difficulty, Kimmy has helped me realize that most of my own obstacles are fairly small and totally beatable.

2. Having no idea what you are doing is not the end of the world.


As an almost-graduate, it is really scary stopping to realize that in just a few months I will be entering the “grown-up” world. I will probably have to wear “business casual” every day and be trusted to actually know what I am talking about. Kimmy helped me to understand that it is okay to admit that I have no idea what I am doing. I have dreams. I want to look like a real grown-up one day, but it’s okay if I don’t get there for a few months after graduation.

3. Weird is the new “cool”


Another reason why I don’t have to act like I have it altogether? Because crazy pink shoes and messing up every so often in front of everyone is HOT… and probably something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Thank you Kimmy for making me slightly more comfortable for being myself.

Thank you Buzzfeed, Giphy, and Netflix Life for the media in this post.


A Netflix Hidden Jewel: Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart

Jack’s heart is replaced with a cuckoo clock at birth. Through his adventures he learns more about his emotions and how to control them.

This movie is originally in French. I don’t know if it has lost a lot of meaning through translation, but the quick and quirky banter throughout this movie is one of the major reasons why I strongly suggest you watch it if you are in need of a fairly fun and beautiful movie. If you are not into that sort of thing… Now is the time to switch articles.

The movie soundtrack is THE BEST. The movie is actually based upon an album by the French rock band Dionysus. (According to this Wikipedia article anyway…) This song gives you a taste of what they sound like:

The lyrics in this song specifically were unexpectedly adult in this scene: ripping clothes off with teeth? Not exactly something I would expect coming out of two kids’ mouths. He sings it quite calmly, but the song captures his young brain (not to mention his messed up heart) on love rather well I think. The little comments near the end that make no sense I found to be a very accurate picture of how I act around someone around whom my heart tends to beat way too fast.

The way the characters were jarred into a different world during each song was also a pleasant surprise for me. The music takes them into a different dimension in which regular physics don’t really apply. I understand that this probably happens in every animated movie: why be held back by gravity when you don’t have to be? Regardless, it’s awesome.

One of the greatest characters in the movie is the antagonist, Joe. Yes: he is tall, dark and handsome. His voice is THE BEST, and his theme song is my favorite. If you are looking for a good antagonist, look no further than Joe from Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart.


Things you should be watching: Episode 1

1. Generation Like: A PBS Frontline find + the Ian Somerhalder Foundation

2. Inside Out: Mark your calendars for June!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Tina Fey makes Netflix gold.

4. Princess Jellyfish: A super awkward and nerdy animated series on Netflix.

5. THE VERY FIRST EPISODE OF GREY’S ANATOMY EVER: #FirstGreysEver because now we have Twitter.

6. Resistance: Fun facts about antibiotics.

7. Cinderella: Live action edition.

8. Rita: Quirky and Danish.

Remember Me: Life is Short!

I was skimming through movies on Netflix last weekend and came upon Remember Me. I had never seen it before and Netflix suggested that I would like it, so… I watched it. In this movie Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a22-year-old dead beat slowly working his way through college.

My Favorite Parts of the Movie:

I appreciated a lot of the screen writing in this movie. There was a pretty prominent Gandhi quote at the beginning of the movie that really caused me to get wrapped up in the movie and delayed me from doing the laundry:

Ghandi quote from Remember Me. Provided by Weheartit.com

The fact that the main character was 22 (or turning 22 anyway) was also attractive. I am currently 22, about to graduate, and don’t really have any clue as to what I am going to do next with my life. One of the hardest things about being a human being is finding meaning in life. I often find myself feeling fairly useless as a college student struggling to even learn the ropes of life.

I really enjoyed the main character’s relationship with his little sister as well. It is not very often that movies portray a close relationship between siblings, let alone one between a 22-year-old male and a 12-year-old female. It might not have portrayed the healthiest of relationships, but what relationship is perfect?

RememberMe Picture from NYTimes
RememberMe Picture from NYTimes

This brings us to the main theme of the movie: the fact that life is short, so you might as well love the people around you before your life ends.

Remember Me Quote from Pinterest
Remember Me Quote from Pinterest

The love story behind the whole movie was entertaining. My favorite line from Tyler’s love interest Ally, portrayed by actress Emilie de Ravin, was about eating dessert first:

Ally: I just don’t see the point in waiting. I mean, what if I die while eating my entree?

Tyler: Is that probable?

Ally: It’s possible. What if I choke? What if an asteroid come hurling down onto the restaurant?… I’ll tell you what, if you swear on your eternal soul that I’ll make it through my entree, then I’ll wait. But before you answer, consider that if something does happen, you’ll have to live the rest of your life knowing that not only did you lie to me, but you denied of my one last indulgence. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility?

Ally Craig Picture from MovieClips.com
Ally Craig Picture from MovieClips.com

Ally also calls Tyler weird right after their first kiss. I think she is my favorite.


Like many Hollywood movies though, living like life is short apparently involves having a very intense physical relationship with another person. I personally did not really appreciate Tyler’s roommate’s crude humor either.

Recommended For:

Watch this movie if you liked Robert Pattinson in Twilight (he definitely has some brooding Edward-like moments) or if you are a dedicated Romantic Movie fan, but not if you are offended by overly affectionate young couples or pretty nasty roommates.