How Netflix is Getting me through College

in the rain2
As a college student about to graduate, I am constantly searching for inspiration. Motivation to continue working on long projects and believing that someday I might actually graduate is hard sometimes. Kimmy Schmidt was a breath of fresh motivation for me.

Most of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is centered around using positivity and believing in one’s own ability to move on and be successful to get through really tough situations. Having survived living in a bunker for many years, Kimmy has developed this skill beautifully and teaches the people around her to do the same.

Some advice she gives includes:

1. Smile.


Sometimes I feel pretty bogged down by little things. I tend to stress about various papers and people. Having experienced real difficulty, Kimmy has helped me realize that most of my own obstacles are fairly small and totally beatable.

2. Having no idea what you are doing is not the end of the world.


As an almost-graduate, it is really scary stopping to realize that in just a few months I will be entering the “grown-up” world. I will probably have to wear “business casual” every day and be trusted to actually know what I am talking about. Kimmy helped me to understand that it is okay to admit that I have no idea what I am doing. I have dreams. I want to look like a real grown-up one day, but it’s okay if I don’t get there for a few months after graduation.

3. Weird is the new “cool”


Another reason why I don’t have to act like I have it altogether? Because crazy pink shoes and messing up every so often in front of everyone is HOT… and probably something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Thank you Kimmy for making me slightly more comfortable for being myself.

Thank you Buzzfeed, Giphy, and Netflix Life for the media in this post.